Friday, August 13, 2010

Persuasive advertising.

I will buy anything he has to sell.

JCrew should consider giving me a cut for advertising on here. Seriously, he must be mentioned once a quarter, at least.

This brings to mind another topic. I have a lot of guy friends, and most times while talking with them, the topic of their "top five" comes up. I've since learned to prepare a list of my top five so I can take part in this conversation. Meaning, I have a top five of male celebs that I swoon for, as well as a list of top five female celebs so that I can further participate in the convo.

If this guy was a celeb, he'd be on my list. Although, my list of preferred males is primarily compiled based on humor/sarcasm.

Without further list(s):

Top 5 men:

1. James Marsden (Cyclops in XMen series, columnist in 27 Dresses)

2. John Cusack

3. Bradley Cooper

4. Scott Speedman (cue mild to moderate obsession with Felicity growing up)

5. Johnny Lee Miller

Top 5 women:

1. Marion Cotillard (recent movie: Inception)

2. Kate Beckinsale

3. Rachel McAdams

4. Mila Kunis (she's the desk girl at the resort in Forgetting Sara Marshall)

5. Emily Blunt (hilarious in Devil Wears Prada)

If there's any you are unfamiliar with, check here..

who's on your list?


  1. OOH the list... men: johnny depp, justin timberlake, wade robson, jim sturgess... women: anne hathaway, marion cotillard, rachel mcadams, penelope cruz... and makeing the cut for 500 days of summer and rounding out each group - joseph gordon levitt and zooey deschanel.

  2. Just like you, James Marsden! He's 1THROUGH 5 in my top five hehe : )

  3. lol. he is definitely swoon worthy! hmmm...
    top 5 gentleman:
    1 mr. jason statham
    2 mr. james marsden
    3 mr. gerard butler
    4 mr. justin long
    5 mr. rob lowe
    top 5 ladies
    1 ms. drew barrymore
    2 ms. emily blunt
    3 ms. anne hathaway
    4 mrs. jennifer garner
    5 ms. alison lohman

    happy friday ((the 13th))!! :) xo

  4. Ha ha, top fives, too funny! I really don't have any off the top of my head, though I do have some definite DON'Ts, let's see, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise (sorry, just don't like him!), Nathan Lane (he wouldn't have me!). LOL, the list could go on! XO!

  5. K love your top 5's.
    Especially agree with you on the women...
    I also always love KAte Hudson and Reese.
    <3 happy weekend dahling.

  6. john cusack??

    you forgot Simon Patton---juuuuuuuusssssssstttttt kkkkkkkiiiidddddddiiiiinnnnngggggg.


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