Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fall Accessories: Pucker Up

Fall is bringing lots of subtle accent trends this year, including lips. I've been stalking the likes of JCrew, Anthropologie, and Madewell (surprise, surprise), and this is what I've found:
Nude lips (which I have yet to perfect, and am not ENTIRELY sold on the Target lipstick linked below) and an overall flawless face:
Try a bronzey shade (shown on Anthropologie's models) to obtain that perfect Autumn feel.
And my personal favorite, electric lips. I also love the orangey colored lips JCrew has been showing, but this one is definitely blog worthy. Keeping the rest of the make up simple, and the skin looking flawless.
She has killer attitude!! (and killer hair)


  1. *hooray* fall is almost upon us! i l-o-v-e nude lips however it never turns out quite right on me. *sigh* although i am loving the electric pink *gasp* beautiful!! :) happy day, xo

  2. can't wait to get into fall clothes! boots, light jackets, cardis...


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