Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Early Fall shoes to rooms/life

With Fall just around the corner, who isn't ready for those darker colors? In Texas, however, I have to keep in mind the warm weather lasts even though the styles change.

Here are my three favorite "Texas Fall" shoes, and my three favorite upcoming Fall colors...

(1) Shadow blue~shoes by JCrew (and seen previously in black in their adorable short film with that adorable model) and the same tone casting a shadow over the house in Nola..

(2) Mustard yellow~ don't even get me started on my obsession with this color and these shoes. Shoes by Anthropologie. Love the color peeking out in the room and furniture too..

(3) Neutral neutral neutral~shoes by Madewell (my roommate just bought them and I may or may not be wearing them today). Love the simplicity of this color and the clean feel in daily life.


  1. oh this is such a fun post! I am a little fanatical about that shade of yellow...

  2. Love the mustard! One of my favorite fashion colors, just amazing! XO!


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