Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer Splurge.

Usually a summer splurge takes form of a pair of shoes (nay, wedges), a new bathing suit, or even some flowers and potted plants. This year I used a Lowe's gift card on plants (yippeeee!!!) and re-used the dirt and pots from last summer (old dirt really is better). This year I bought a bathing suit at Old Navy (gasp!) instead of Boden USA or JCrew. This year I bought wedges at the end of Winter so that doesn't count as Summer spending.....right?
So, what I really want in my back patio (my roommate and I will surely fight over this while turning the chicken on the grill, Tecate or two in hand) is this. Judge away if you wish, it's pure heaven in a hammock.

Only Anthropologie can sell a Tranquil Paradise for under $100...
If only we had a pool too...

image via Apartment #34.


  1. nothing better than a hammock for summer!!

  2. At first glance, I thought that was a necklace. A really cute necklace! Haha. Oops.


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