Monday, May 17, 2010

How Tuesday: Wedding Season Part I: Wedding Shower

Wedding Season begins! Don't panic. This doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. That part is very important to me since I'm attending 9 weddings this season (I'm in one, in town).

How to dress for and attend a wedding shower:
1. Note the theme of the shower-indoor, outdoor, picnic, luncheon, couples, or just ladies.
2. Bring a gift, and a date when invited to do so.
3. Wear a dress you already have, if possible.
4. Don't look better than the bride.
5. Don't outshine the bride at the shower.
6. Wear something classy-and cover up. No need to look like you're going clubbing.
7. Socialize with the guests and make sure the bride knows you're there for her.

The Gift:

1. If you are close to the bride and know her style, you can buy something personal and off-registry (I do this a lot).
2. If you are in doubt, buy off the registry. You can buy one gift for the whole wedding-or several small ones (shower, party, wedding day).
3. If you are invited to an out of town shower, order a gift online ahead of time and have it shipped.
4. Make sure the gift is wrapped with a gift receipt.
5. Include a card with a personal message to the bride (and groom).
Dress ideas:

(all under $50!!)
paired with....

paired with...
paired with...
paired with...
Modcloth is so adorable! I think I'm going to place an order...I'll let you know how it all fits, since I've ALWAYS been curious about this online shop!!


  1. I love these combos Ann! So fun. The feathery brown headband is killer.

  2. oh god! that's a lot of weddings to go to...

  3. Question: I know not to wear white to the wedding, but how much white is too much white to wear to the bridal shower, engagement party, bridesmaid luncheon, etc...? Thank you! ;)


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