Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You've noticed some changes.

Well, I had to make some changes to my blog. I wanted a more clean and fresh look. I wanted to expand the topics I was able to post about. I wanted to re-create reader interaction.

So. The plan:

-Mondays are always hard for me, so I thought I'd use that day to catch up from the weekend and post any 'findings' from the weekend.

-How-To Tuesdays. Every week (specifically on Tuesday), a new "How-To" will be posted. This week was the first one and was on the topic of closet organization.

-Throughout the rest of the week, I'll post any helpful hints or subtopics from the "How-To" of the week (first was about elfa shelves)

-Fridays can be open to topics of your choice---need more info on a previous post? On something I've never blogged about? Let me know!

I'm excited to pick up this blog again. I've enjoyed writing and using this as one of my creative outlets!!

Happy Wednesday-we are almost there!


  1. loving the new theme, ann! here's a puzzle for you: i just moved into a new cottage in austin with ample space but NO storage. i'm talking one small bedroom closet and 6 kitchen cabinets. what would you suggest as far as getting some free-standing storage? i'm probably going to need a wardrobe for the bedroom as well as something in the kitchen and in the living room.

    ps- i also love and am working my way to all matching hangers :)

  2. Whew! I had an apartment like that. No pantry. Just four cabinets. I had one cabinet for food and an entire shelf of that devote to teas. My grandmother said "Why does she have so much damn tea?!" Everything was stuffed! In hindsight, I would have liked this, had I stayed there longer:

    or something like it. I've seen it work REALLY well-stowing mixing bowls, dishes, cook books, whatever!
    Hang your cutlery, napkins, wood spoons, etc:

    Hang your pots and pans on cute hooks from anthro (any that the pot handle hole will fit threw!)

    For your bedroom closet...I know, it's really hard. I lived in the M Streets in Dallas, and sister, they are not known for closets. I had this shoe thing:

    and under the bed boxes will help:

    I also put a trunk in my room. Like an antique wood trunk. It housed all my sweaters and blankets. I put a lamp on top and sat it next to my bedroom chair and voila! It was a side table :)

    Does this help...I could go on for days...

  3. I LOVE IT!!! Can you please do a "how-to" on guidelines for business attire :) After labor day business attire starts at work but i'm not sure what exactly that means?!?! Help please!


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