Friday, September 4, 2009

Miscellaneous: Things I love this week.

You know when you spend some time during the week surfing blogs, surfing the Internet, avoiding reality...

Shoe of the week:

I love the booties this fall. I am on the hunt for a pair to wear to work, comfortable heel, color that will match everything. I might have found them in these.

Bag of the week:

This designer, MOOP, is great! I have the Organic Market bag of theirs and love it. I ordered one of these as well, as we transition into fall. Anxiously awaiting it's arrival...
Pants of the week:
Seriously. how. cute. are. these. I think I have decided on the soft ochre. I absolutely love skinny pants. Never thought I would, but I do. Maybe because I feel a little like Audrey when I wear them? Hmm... I have the Minnie pant in black & grey and I wear them weekly to work. JCrew's fall collection is inspired by the 40's era, which is my favorite. T-straps, ankle socks, boots, feminine take on menswear classic shirts, pencil skirts, beads...kill me!

OK one more from JCrew...

Tee of the week:

I love the embellished tees! I've said it once and I'll say it again. I love the embellished tees! Eliminates that extra step of picking out jewelry in the morning. Just put on your pearl earrings and go. My cousin and I are working on brainstorming about embellishments. I hope to start turning some craft dreams into realities and having them available to you, dear readers. JCrew has really dominated the embellished tees this year. They have this incredible ability to produce classic pieces, with a trendy twist. Well done!

Cousin of the week:
What? It's my blog and I can put what I want. So a cousin can't be bought online, but she can be viewed online!
Julie is on the left. She is in marketing by day and a talented photographer by night in Houston, Texas. She frequently follows me and takes pictures of me (see profile pic-I was assisting a wedding with her and she snagged that shot!). Take a look at her beautiful site!
Happy Friday! (Can it be 5 already?)


  1. I love skinny pants too but I dread wearing them because I am curvy, and I fear it's just not for my body type :( ..well atleast somebody will be ROCKING them :)

  2. Love the bag and the shoes! Good choices!

  3. Love the booties and skinny jeans too! I just cut my bangs and they make me feel very Audrey!!! Preston thinks skinny jeans look emo...but I told him they aren't when you put them with a ruffle blouse. Still trying to convince him on the booties. Wish me luck! :)


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