Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to Clean Up Your Closet-Part I in a continuous series.

Let's be honest. Cleaning out your closet is not a one-time project. It is continuous, happens every season, or every time a tornado blows through it. This time, a tornado blew threw mine. I also wanted to pre-Fall it. (Pre-Fall, meaning get ready to THINK about Fall). I live in Texas, so it is still hotter than Hades, but the stores are displaying fall and winter-wear. So, I'm essentially trying to wear fewer summer colors and pastels and bring out my light weight, but color-appropriate apparel.
Anyways, back to the closet. It blew up last week. So, how to start...
-Focus on the project, don't get overwhelmed (you may need a snack/refreshment and some good music playing. I believe I was listening to Miike Snow's album).
-Remove items that you do not wear. I said it. GET RID OF THEM! My limit is usually a year. Sometimes a year and a half-so I give it a second chance to be worn in the following season. Have a bag to collect these items. We'll talk more later about donating/selling unwanted clothing.
-Remove items that are worn out. I told a friend recently that you are allowed about 5 sentimental items in your entire closet. Otherwise, they just take up space that is deserving of the wanted items.
-Organize your tops in some manner. I organize by color.
-Clean the shelves that house your shoes/purses/accessories. I took everything off to dust the shelves, and re-straighten. I will soon move summer sandals up and fall shoes down closer to reach. My boots are neatly stacked on top for now, until appropriate for wearing.
-Vacuum the inside of the closet last.
-Make sure items are neatly folded, stacked, and hung. (p.s. my mom is getting me MATCHING HANGERS for my birthday! I can hardly wait...)
So it's not that hard. Or complex. Or demanding. But the result? Heaven! Makes it easier to find what you want in the morning, makes it easier to hang up your clean laundry, makes it a more "zen" space. I also took it one step further (ok really five steps in my book) and did laundry, took out the ironing board and USED it...I ironed everything that needed it and then had a separate tote to put in my car of items that needed to be dry cleaned. Wouldn't mom be proud?
The final product...sigh....

"Challenges are like cleaning your closet. You have to empty all the contents and make a mess before productivity and order become your hallmark...The most inspiring thing some can say is 'wow, what a clean closet'"-Brendan Murphy


  1. can you come do my closet for me???

  2. Girl, I'd love to do it for a living..

  3. My problem with closets is I dont know what should go where ! I know essentials go in the drawers, but what about all those small strappy tops do you hang those? Also accessories, scarves, belts how do you organize those ? I hate to think of them as out of sight out of mind :(

  4. Stay tuned---I'll make sure to cover ALL of these questions/concerns in future posts!!! I think we have a lot to cover in the closet before moving on to packing and other areas...Thanks Dip!


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