Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Container Store-to organize or not to organize?

Going on with our closet theme....
Never fails. When I walk into this store, I inhale deeply. What is that I smell? Organization.
Ok, ok I'm not that crazy :D
However, the store DOES inspire me. I have to make SURE I come for a purpose, or I'll go hog wild. Plus, it is not the cheapest store, so you have to shop around before deciding "Yes, this is the best place to buy a trash can" (It's not-best go for Lowe's or Target).
When I embarked on the closet organizing mission at my new condo, my mom gave me some of her elfa drawers, so I did not need to purchase too many extra after that. We did improve the overal look and function of the white iron drawers with the clear liners, the melamine tops, and for belts the 32-compartment drawer organizer. Worth every penny.
There are several "closet systems" at The Container Store and you have to decide what is best for you. This is what works for me!


  1. Ann, I am a huge fan of Elfa shelves, too! I reorganized my closet about a year ago with that system, and I just installed it in my pantry 2 days ago. It makes a world of difference. I can now tell my boyfriend that I am not the only one who gets so much enjoyment out of organizing.

  2. you can TOTALLY tell him I am obsessed. I still could do MORE is the funny thing. You'll find out just how organized I like to be in the coming posts...

  3. the store is very intimidating for me...
    I need a good way to organize my shoes, but my closet doesn't have much space. Right now they are overflowing this haging shoe rack. HELP! I will buy something from Container store if it'll help.

  4. Ok before I had custom shelves that my uncle made for me (He measured how tall my flats were for some shelves, then how tall my tallest heels were for the rest. swoon!), I had
    and I really liked it. I fit more than 30 pairs in it. I literally have tried EVERY over the door thing and this, believe it or not, was the best. I had this one very complicated rack that, when it fell over, sounded like buffalo just stampeded the bedroom. (It was this, just as a "stay away"--
    This looks amusing:

    Also if you have a sturdy rod you could use this:


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