Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend Excitement

Last night was our second softball game (GO BEERS?!).

The other Lady Beers? (minus a couple all stars) agreed that we get very nervous going up to bat. Something to work on for the next game.

Here are some of my teammates (the girls rushed home for a cold shower). Most of them I've known since I was a kid and reconnected with, but all of them crack me up 100% of the time I'm around them!!

My cousin and her fantastically talented husband come this weekend for a visit!!!!!!!!! I'm also pumped because Chris is going to install 2 new toilets in my condo.'s the little things.

On top of all of nephews will be in town, so we'll have to hit the pool on Saturday. Here's Leo last year-fully geared up for the pool :)
Before my cousins come in town, I will be headed to an 80's birthday party at the roller to follow for that one. Let's just say my outfit couldn't get any better unless I found a magical sparkly pink scrunchy.

Happy weekend!

P.S. I TOTALLY went to Lady Gaga last night. Favorite quote: "Put up your paws!!!!" Whatever you say, Gaga....Fantastic show!!!


  1. I can't WAIT to see pics of the 80s outfit!!!!!

  2. i am really feeling the 80s right now!! can't wait to see some photographs of your totally, like, rad outfit!

  3. Love this! Hope your weekend is going fabulously, put up your paws! XO!


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