Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bird Brain.

I can hear little chirps and louder squawks off and on at my house right now. This morning I had someone come take a look, and apparently they are chimney sweeps! I've never heard of these birds, but they look like this:

What's worse is they are babies, so for now, I sit and wait until they've grown enough to fly out on their own. Someone suggest I light a fire and smoke 'em out...I think I'll pass on bbq bird.

On another note, when I googled chimney sweeps, this also came up. I LOVE Mary Poppins, especially this scene!!!


  1. lol!!! i was in theatre in high school and for one of our assignments/shows was night of broadway: where you choose a song from a musical and preform it in front of the entire school. i was in step in time!!! it was overwhelmingly fun and i enjoyed every minute if it!!!
    p.s. your bird delima reminds me of failure to launch- to kill a mockingbird :0)

  2. Ha! There are these obnoxious magpies at our house that terrorize our kitties, I do sometimes think about bbq bird! XO!


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