Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tigers Tuesday

I figure in lieu of the news article I read this morning, I'd set this post to the theme of the jungle cats. Not only am I skeptical of animal prints, but I'm skeptical about the point of this article that was posted about a "possibility of tigers".

If Ralph Lauren says it's ok, then I say it's ok. Personally, a bit too much for me, but very interesting nonetheless. This is the home of LA decorator Mary McDonald
Subtle prints
Subtle nods in fashion..

And some fabulous CL's in printed leather.


  1. lol. tigers on the loose.
    this fiasco reminds me of the movie 12 monkeys ((with mr. pitt and mr. willis)) ... except instead of the entire zoo, its just tigers, none the less, is it just a prank or is there really giant felines on the loose?!? now i need to keep updated on this story.
    love your tiger themed photos!!

  2. That is so crazy! Hmmm, interesting. I do love animal prints, though, you don't have to sell me on that! XO!


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