Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gilt Groupe: Tart Infiniti Dress

This blows my mind. Someone made a dress (fabric?) that can be styled eight different ways.
1. Choose a length-maxi or knee-length
2. Choose a color-7 in all
3. Pick a way to style-8 in all.

I mean, a dress with EIGHT options? for $99-119? that seems crazy! I can just picture myself trying to wrap this around me and really failing. Thank goodness I have a roommate. Sign up for Gilt and take a peak at these lovely frocks.
These are my favorite of the 8 ways to tie:


  1. me likey - you could take these dresses & spice them up with some of your fun accessories!

  2. what WILL they think of next?

    what is the girl all the way to the right in the first photo doing in the magenta??

  3. mind boggling,
    i just know that i would crash and burn if i attempted to wear this creation.
    oh well!
    happy days,

  4. Oh my gosh, gorgeous, but I am with vintagegirl, it would SO not be happening at my house! Heck, sometimes I even get stuck just trying to pull a dress over my head! XO!

  5. i agree! how would i wrap myself in it!?

  6. That is crazy cool. I could never pull it off without feeling like something is going to fall out, but looks amazing on the model!

  7. I bought this dress and just received it yesterday! It is not nearly as hard to style as you think. The thing is, you can't go wrong! I highly recommend it.


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