Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How Tuesday: How to Celebrate Summer

I don't know about you, but I'm trying to make the most of Summer. Grilling, pool time, and cool treats. It doesn't matter whether you're celebrating the 4th or just getting family/friends together!
How to Celebrate Summer:
1. Grill- I've been marinating chicken in spicy BBQ sauce and making sure not to over cook it. Throw some veggies on the grill with it too. My roommate and I also did kabobs with peaches, onions, peppers, and chicken and it was to die for! (click for recipe)
2. Drink- Margaritas and other frozen drinks seem to be taking over wine. (fine by me). I also like having decaf iced tea in the fridge with oranges and lemons.
3. Treats- Does anyone get DailyCandy emails? I just saw this Cuisinart ice cream maker and might have ordered one. Plus they come in adorable colors!

1. Swimming- and by swimming I mean standing in the water holding my glass of wine.
2. Throwing a Frisbee/football/small child.
3. Outdoor movies- dying to try this, and we have it going on in the area I'm pretty sure.
4. Fireworks- out at the lake, or locally, especially on the 4th!

1. Nothing. Just kidding! What do you think this is?!
2. Light colors
3. Bathing suits+cover ups
4. Simple dresses
5. Cute accessories---need some ideas? Check out my shop!
6. Sandals


  1. That's how I swim too!!!! :)

  2. hello friend,
    lol. i love how you 'swim'.
    and i am on the same page as you with the grilling!!
    i am so excited that it starting to *finally* feel like summer.
    happy day,

  3. ahhh summer .. talking about cute summer outfits, since most of us especially in TX have to wear minimal clothing in summer hello 100 degrees weather !! My question is how do you wear less clothing and make sure you dont let it all hang out !! ya ! know what I mean..ass cheek shorts..ughh

  4. Ha ha, I swim like that too! Your kabobs sound delish, adding peaches is a great idea! You have it down for summer, for sure! XO!


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