Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I love this skirt. Right now I love most skirts. I have a skirt on today...clearly obsessed.

And I love both of these. Ticked the green is out in my size..

So comfortable for work...though now my legs are freezing in my -40 degrees cubicle..


  1. hello friend,
    lol, i only want to wear dresses! it is getting hotter and i need things i can just slip on and be done with it. skirts need a coordinating top, that's too much for me! (0:
    oh! and thank you for showing me that amazing video!!! o: it was... there are no words, i adored it! if you ever see any videos i might like, send them my way! (0:
    have a beautiful day,

  2. where is the adorable tinkerbell skirt from???


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