Friday, June 25, 2010

Amarillo by Mornin...

That's right. Happy Friday to you all--I'm off to Amarillo, TX for the weekend. Crazy, right? My mom's parents live there and we are bombarding them this weekend. Me, my two sisters, their two very tall husbands (whose names start with the letter D), their (collectively) five little men (Joe: 8, Leo: 6, Henry: 4, Teddy: 2 months, and Moses: 10 months) and our mom. Gone are the days of visiting them as the three peanuts with our mom (and every Barbie we could fit), and here come the days of packing slip 'n' slides and footballs.
We have lots planned for the weekend, including visiting "the Thrift Store" (which I have not yet been cousin Cindy scored several pairs of boots there over the winter) and seeing "Texas"; a musical of our history with the backdrop of the Palo Duro Canyon.

What, you don't know about Amarillo? I'll give you some tidbits.

1. Palo Duro Canyon: the second largest only to the Grand Canyon in the United States!!!
2. Texas: I have seen this musical too many times to count. It starts out "We'd like to welcome you to Texasssss" (chills!!!) and near the finale ends with a starry sky and thunder.
3. Cadillac Ranch: This is located off of Interstate 40. I'm pretty sure Pawpaw tried to tell us he drove the cars into the ground, but that was a tall tale (as most of his stories are).
4. Wonderland Park: We won't be making a stop this time, but this was a favorite to me as a kid. A fraction of the size of Six Flags, but twice the charm.
5. The Big Texan: eat that 72 oz steak and get it free...are you up for the challenge? We're going to eat home cooking from Mammaw instead :)


  1. dear ann :) i am pumped for you guys to be here! and i'm thinking that the slip in slide idea would be fantastic!

  2. puh-lease take a fantastic picture of the wonderland sign for me!?! i want a print :)

  3. hello friend,
    sounds like a splendid weekend is in store for you!
    take lots of pictures!
    have fun,


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