Monday, June 21, 2010

Can't Do Clogs.

I have a can't do attitude about very few things, especially when it comes to trends and fashion. I just cannot bring myself to wear clogs............!!!!!!!

Regarding the strapless backless clogs, I especially have a problem. So hard to keep from flopping your feet against them and annoying your co-workers ahemmmmmm and so hard to just keep them on your feet in general. Regarding the neon ones...I mean don't get me wrong, I have some colorful shoes in my closet (cue Prada), but I cannot stomach the purple and neon yellow. These remind me a little too much of support shoes as well...sorry!!!

Does everyone else agree or am I just being ridiculously stubborn?


  1. I AGREE. Absolutely heinous.

  2. hello friend,
    i am with you: clogs are on my Do Not Wear list!
    hope you had a fantastic weekend,

  3. eh..clogs are so not for me, even though they might be the in thing I will do wedges over clogs any day !!
    OMG I just noticed you have some new items on your etsy..i better check it out:)

  4. Not a big clog fan either, they're okay with the straps, but I agree the clip clip clipping of clogs is super annoying! XO!

  5. Clogs are stupid... and the noise they make.

  6. You're just being stubborn, clogs are cute as hell! This from a male perspective.


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