Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Long Weekend Glam

My dear friend Anna (In Honor of Design) and I finally collaborated again to bring you a fashion friday! Just in time for the Memorial weekend ahead...

Delia Romper - Trina Turk - 188$
Field Nap Necklace - Anthropologie - 188$
Raffia Hat - Athleta - 40$
Metallic Miller Thongs - Tory Burch - 195$
But for those of you who (like us!) can't really afford Miss Turk, check out similar items below from TARGET!
Romper/Cardigan Outfit - Target - 15$
Floppy Straw Hat - Gap - 30$
Beaded Dangle Bib Necklace - Target - 40$
Grecian Flat Sandals - Target - 18$

Enjoy the long weekend!!


  1. I have my romper, now I need a hat!! Great selections!

  2. Love the side-by-side price compare. You're too cute!

  3. wonderful finds. thank you!
    i was looking at the long weekend glam and i thought:
    oh! how cute, followed quickly by: oh! what bank do i have to rob to afford these lovelies???
    then that thought got pushed out when i discovered that you made a budget savy version. and from target to boot! one more reason to love that wallet friendly store. i saw a romper there a few weeks ago and i resisted buying it, but now i may have to reconsider. :)
    hope you have a lovely day!

  4. :) okidoki,
    so you see the 'you might also like:' followed by three pictures. below this there is a little blurp (for lack of a better word, perhaps link? link may sound better.) LinkWithin.

    click LinkWithin. it will lead you down the rabbit hole to a widget page and all you have to do is put in your info and copy and pate the html thing to your blog.

    believe me, it is simple. if i can do it-anyone can do it!

    i too am not computer savy and i found googling things for fourms explaining how to do things is the only way i would have a blog up and running!

    p.s. i am so glad you like the cowboy-howdy cards! my grandpa had a love of western movies and my mum dug those stamps out of the trash! well you know what they say- one persons trash is another persons treasure!

  5. I knew you'd come around to the romper. :)

  6. i love u + anna. two girls who have some great style...workin it.
    have a great weekend doll.

  7. That is such a fab collaboration, love it! You guys are sure talented together, glad to have both of you as friends!


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