Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Movies.

I am eagerly anticipating several movies this summer...

1. Robin Hood- well, I already saw it! I thought it was fantastic. Inevitably, Russell Crowe plays the same part in every movie. There's a great soundtrack, a strong leading lady, and it all works.
2. Letters to Juliet-I have a girl crush on Amanda Seyfried. Enough said. 3. Sex and the City II-I'm not afraid to admit how much I love SATC. Now, I don't go "dressed up" to the show, but I'll go for sure. We'll be out of town this weekend...but maybe Monday?
4. Killers-eh it looks like a pretty typical romantic comedy...he's a killer, she doesn't know, blah blah, but I'll probably see it.
5. The Karate Kid-seriously? Who doesn't think Mr. Miyagi is a badass? And Trey Smith? What a sweet little kid. Loved these movies as a kid and hope this doesn't disappoint.
6. Eclipse-who ISN'T excited for this. I've read all the books. Some twice.
7. Eat, Pray Love-read the book, plan on reading it again before the movie, and LOVE Julia Roberts.


  1. Robin Hood was da bomb - amazing. Can't wait for Eat, Pray, Love!

  2. Gabe and I are tough movie critics so pretty much the only movie we will see out of this list is Robin Hood. CANNOT wait! Iron Man 2-ok. Mickey Rourke was super evil though! great character.

  3. I am most excited about Eat, Pray, Love too! I am a die hard Julia Roberts fan!

  4. hello friend.
    my mum and i went to see sex and the city 2 on sunday.
    it was amazing! what i wouldn't give to go shopping in their costume closet! (:
    and after we are done getting our hair done this saturday we are going to see ashton in killers. exciting!
    today i stole your 'summer movies' idea and blogged about movies that are arriving soon. (:
    have a woderful day!


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