Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How Tuesday: Wedding Season Part III: Rehearsal Dinner

It's the night before the wedding. You're attending the rehearsal dinner. Maybe you're even the MOH (maid of honor) (or even the best man). That means you'll be needed to help out, tie up lose ends, welcome all the guests, and give a speech...eek! (the speech can be during the rehearsal dinner and/or the actual wedding reception)

Before/during the rehearsal:

1. Make sure everyone has arrived who is supposed to be in attendance.
2. Help the bride bring stuff to the church/restaurant (favors, gifts, name tags, directions to the rehearsal dinner, whatever she has prepared).
3. Arrive early.
4. Help keep everyone in high spirits during the rehearsal. I know at my church, this is a long process and very cumbersome.
5. Last minute chance to rehearse your speech!
Post rehearsal:

1. Double check on directions to the restaurant, and provide your phone number in case people need help with directions (I should never do this, I get lost in my own neighborhood).
2. Help drive everyone to the rehearsal.

The dinner:
1. Help the bride and groom greet guests and get them seated.
2. Get food for the bride and groom.
3. Have one glass of wine to calm your nerves before your speech-but stop there!

Some constant reminders:
**keep the bride and groom happy at all times
**don't out dress the bride
**don't get noticeably "over served" (i.e. blitzed) at any of these parties :)
**helpful speech prep help here , here , here and here.


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