Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I like it when blogs are like the writer speaking to their best friends

*Says my cousin, Julie. I hope you feel that way about my posts! I really just post what comes to mind, what I like in case you like it, etc.

This was my breakfast, and let me tell you it was good! Looks and tastes similar to Cap'n Crunch only organic! Gotta love Kashi..

Eggs take too long and I'm still burnt out on oatmeal...any breakfast suggestions to pass along?

Also let's just have a good morning post for my cousin-in-law Chris who's night stands are featured on Mecox's site. Holla! He is a talented furniture maker in Houston, TX.

(PS he also made my beloved desk. See below for a reminder pic, modeled after Nelson's Swag desk).

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  1. i have a breakfast suggestion! use yogurt in your cereal, and add a little granola, almonds, or dried fruit. yummm --laura :)


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