Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to get back to business after a three-day weekend.

So I should be continuing on with the closet theme, but let's be honest, I feel like everyone does right now. Ugh! Back here again? (here=work). I'm working on a good attitude and a spring in my step as I welcome the new week. My birthday was over the weekend so I probably celebrated too much :)

-Wear a comfortable outfit today. I chose a navy sweater dress from Club Monaco (mom gave it to me for my birthday!) paired with adorable flesh colored heels (Luli gave them to me for my birthday!) and yellow rose earrings.

-Don't put too much on your plate today. Set goals, smaller ones, and achieve them.

-Have a warm beverage on your desk. Today I chose Kava Stress Relief Tea for obvious reasons. Apparently it's one of the things that may help you overcome a panic attack-I'll take that!

-Listen to some tunes. Today I choose Imogen Heap's new album.

-Get outdoors at some point. I plan on going fast walking after work. (I do not run usually...)

-Get to bed early so tomorrow is less difficult : )

I'll get back to closets next week, including where to stow belts, "going out" tops, and shorts, plus the hangers I bought and why.

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  1. How do you like the new Imogen Heap cd ? I have been contemplating whether or not I should get it.


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