Thursday, May 14, 2009

Black in Half.

This is hard. It is! Black heels are a staple, but I have quite a few. I have the houndstooth variation of Day 2, Day 13's Cocktail shoes, the patent pumps from Day 21, The peeps of Day 50, the wedges of Day 39, the buckles of Day 43, and the infamous Audrey classics on Day 18. Did I miss any? The point is, it's a pair or two too many. Let's start the duel over the patent pumps and the peeps.
As aforementioned, due to the limitation of my blog, I cannot change the titles of the voting buttons without changing all the days. Vote "Keep" in favor of the left shoe and "Toss" in favor of the right!

The left are Day 21's patent pumps. They pinch just a touch, but probably could be stretched at the cobbler if voted to stay.

The right are Day 43's fierce buckles. These are stylish, but I have discovered that style in this case does not come without severe discomfort. I suffered a war wound in the top of my foot from these shoes and there is STILL a it worth the sacrifice?
Without further adeau, the shoes...

"Keep" for lefties, "Toss" for righties.
"I think I have something tonight that's not quite correct for evening wear. Blue suede shoes."-Elvis Presley

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