Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gone fishin'.

Mornin'! I'm out of town today and will resume posting tomorrow. I treated myself by taking the next couple days off so I will post more "weekend shoes" for your viewing entertainment starting tomorrow. I encourage everyone to take some time around the holiday to rest and rejuvenate... Do some spring cleaning... Or shopping! I plan to do some cleaning myself and get ready to move into my condo next week!! Should that be the next topic as I seem to be nearing the end of the shoes?? That will be the vote today. Or if u have any other topics or challenges for me, feel free to leave a comment.

Happy hump day!!


  1. 1. Condo Move and Decoration.
    2. General style tidbits
    3. Music talk
    4. Seek advise on stuff

  2. 1. Condo Move and thoughts on decorating
    2. Get a discussion going on fashion, music, shoes( we already seemed to have covered shoes though)..
    3. Fashion/outfit talk

  3. I've loved voting on your shoes everyday... so sad for it to end. Condo blogging would be good. I wish I had a great idea for you :-/

  4. It's not over yet maria!!!! If u think of something you'd like to vote on, comment later!
    I was thinking there are some pairs I should do a "shoe off" with to see if I should eliminate similar ones...


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