Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fiesta madness!

Day 41...Tonight I am going to a fiesta to celebrate the end of our work deadline and chose to dress the part...Donning my green Mexican dress and shoes to match:

These are from Zara and are made of wood I think. I bought them in Mexico about...EIGHT YEARS AGO! Oh my goodness...I have a confession to the form of a third photo to post.

At the front of both shoes, the wood has SPLIT OFF! I thought it was unnoticeable at first (see left shoe) but then the other shoe has gotten pretty bad. I love these because they're cute and summery with the white linen and have great details with the red patent trim and buckle. They have a very low and light heel so they can be comfortable all day and night. I will, however, leave the final vote to my avid viewers.

"Did you ever get the feeling that the world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?"-George Gobel

What is the verdict? Vote "Keep", "Toss" below. Thank you for all your comments yesterday!!!


  1. I voted toss bc they are just not my style. However, I bet if you got a marker that was the same color as the wood you could make the chipping less noticable... I do it all the time on the scuffed heels of my heels :)

    I like the comment to do some sort of an advice blog! I have lots of need of advice.

  2. just take a fine sand paper and smooth them dowb and presto---like new again girl!
    Jess J.


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