Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Doctor is In.

Day 38...Dr. Scholl's rescue your feet. My mom and I took a trip to New York last summer and happened upon a store that carried not your average Dr. Scholl's clogs.

Tiffany will laugh to see these post because I will literally put them on at the bat of an eye lash. I wear them out on the weekends, or lounging around on a Saturday, or to church on a Sunday! Dr. Scholl's are even displayed among the drugstore items in Europe! Some may think he only invented shoe inserts, but it surely started with shoes.

What do you think?


  1. My mom loves them! Therefore you must keep them...he,he,he

  2. Hi Ann
    In you blog you show your Scholl sandals. I am a student physiotherapy from The Netherlands, Europe and I am preparing a study about the Scholl footwear and more precisely the Scholl footbed. It is very difficult to collect information about that subject because the several Scholl companies that exist nowadays in the US and Europe do'nt have archives at all. So I depend largely on information of consumers like you, for example to get answers on my enquiry. Can you please help me a little bit?

    Kind regards

    My email is

    Annemarie van Loenen
    The Netherlands


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