Friday, January 21, 2011

The Mix

Love Scott's work. Always. But this outfit is a new fav.

This madman's method is how I dress myself most days. I try not to worry too much about matching or coordinating.

I actually hate it when I match too much! Grey, brown, blue-throw it all in! I love his yellow socks, denim shirt, and the spotted scarf. What I love, is that he seems to be dressing for himself. Not for attention (it's not like he's wearing a stop sign!) or praise. I think that's how your look should be...for yourself, not for others. Take some risks, take some chances, but don't put on a costume every day.

The world of fashion is a balancing act...wearing the trends while keeping true to yourself and staying simple. Don't sweat the small stuff.


  1. love this were the first person I ever met who dressed for themselves and I can truly say you taught me that :)

  2. oh I love his socks and shoes combo. You know my the look of it that he would be an interesting man to talk to:)

    Have you seen the vid on the Satorialist's life? LOVE.


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