Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Measuring small

Napoleon Bonaparte was not a tall man, but made a big impact on history and continues to do so today. Madewell's new sassy shorts come in Napoleon Blue..a small tribute?

These shorts inspired me to search for more of this new burst of color...and perhaps consider adding some to my closet!

*inspiration board by me


  1. What a beautiful hue!!!
    PS I totally understand about F21!!
    Sometime I will go there and find NOTHING! Or I'll find a ridiculously cute dress- but is wayyyyyyy too short! -what is with their hem lengths?!? BTW- I got that skirt about 4 years ago! Back then that had fantastic clothes at perfect lengths!! :)
    Happy hump day friend!!!

  2. Love the blue dresses! Maybe I should wear one in CT? I have blue Steve Madden shoes that I love!


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