Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Looks I'm Loving-Yesterday's for Less

Here is my look from yesterday, but on a budget (and how I wore it myself!) I couldn't find the exact tee I wore...it was from Whole Foods found in a pile of long sleeve organic v neck tees for $14 a piece!!! But this top from Target gives you a general idea...

Look for less..

Total Cost of look: $51.79
Cost of Yesterday's Look: $459
Today's is roughly 10% of the cost!


  1. Great Blueberry Pancakes!!!
    I LOVE this outfit!!!
    That tee looks so soft and those earrings are so vibrant and colorful!! Beautiful!!!
    You have such a great eye for sales!!!
    Hope you are having a fantastic day today, I was sorry to hear that you didn't have a good week last week!! Sending you bright and cheerful thoughts! :)

  2. I want to see a picture of you in this cute look!
    I'm liking these looks for less - you are so talented at smart shopping Ann.

  3. I LOVE your looks-for - less posts, Ann! This is such a cute outfit. The pop of color in the earrings-perfecto! Good shopper!


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