Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Looks I'm Loving Part II

So I got an email blast from Anthro about their new looks. I am a sucker for:

1) Anthropologie
2) Good styling
3) bicycles (though I don't own one)
The Sartorialist has an entire section on his blog devoted to bicycles-did you know that? Clever, Scott.
love this one for her legs (as previously posted about here)
cute French girl looking super cute.
zaney and whimsical.
Love the yellow bike!

I feel like I've done a few posts on bikes (here, here, here, and one more here). But that's ok-it's my blog and I'll blog about it if I want to! ;)


  1. hahahah You CAN blog about anything you want!!!

  2. Ask for one for Christmas. I got one for Mother's day last year and I LOVE it!!!

  3. While I love bikes, and love skirts, I could never ride a bike in a skirt..... Maybe I'll just walk around with the bike looking cute in my skirt- lol ;) I'm so hoping long blue jean skirts are back (like in the first pic.) I've always had a fancy to long ankle length skirts....weird, I know ;)

  4. Why do these women look so chic on bikes, and yet I always look utterly ridiculous?? XX!


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