Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September is upon us

Wait...since when was it ok for September to sneak up on us? Did anyone see it coming?! I surely did not.

This morning, as I sipped my coffee and ate my omelet and figs, I carefully turned the pages of the ever-so-beautiful Anthropologie September catalog. Now, remember my opinion on clogs..leave it to Anthropologie to make me doubt my previous stance. If I were to wear clogs, these would be them.

"This'll be most inconvenient considering I have sworn to loathe them for all eternity"
(replaced "him" with "them"-Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice)


  1. oh my! Skip the clogs--I'm going straight for that beautiful mustard jacket on the model!
    ps love your p&p quote : )

  2. lol. i was looking through the anthro. magazine last night and i saw that picture and when i saw it i didn't even realize she was wearing "clogs" i was looking at the fabulous jacket! :)
    happy september first friend!
    fall leaves, clogs and anthro.,


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