Monday, August 30, 2010

Fashion Don'ts

Daily Candy has one lonely male editor named Dan. Over the weekend he gave his opinion on fashion don'ts...or at least those fashion trends that don't do it for guys. A couple of them CRACKED me up and I just had to share...

1) Socks with heels. This one cracks me up because I could be ok with it...especially when Madewell makes it look cute.

2) Raccoon eyes. Well this girl looks terrible, but I am a fan of dark shadow, especially purples. I just try to add highlighter by the brow to tame it down.

3) Denim on denim. Never been a fan of this. Sometimes my roommate makes it look cute with a lighter chambray and darker (even more tailored) jeans on bottom. Overall, the denim tuxedo still scares me..

Oh how I wish I had another Sunday!!!! :(


  1. lol. i just don't think i could ever pull off heels and socks. however i love a smokey eye ((however, maybe not the one pictured! ;P)) i am so ready for fall!!! oh! and the denim on denim is a little scary! it reminds me justin and brittany!
    happy monday!
    sunshine, fall and fashion

  2. down with denim on denim!!!!!! never ok.

  3. i loved these... a nice email to wake up to!

  4. Too funny! I have yet to be able to pull off the socks and heels! XX!


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