Thursday, September 30, 2010

Look for Less: Kicking Around

Let's be honest. We don't live in a dream world where we can buy this whole outfit for a mere $1,204 not including taxes and shipping. We live in a reality where we are forced to find alternatives, that can be just as satisfying and cute no matter what anyone says.

I got a humorous email from Maria yesterday that said "Even if I had the money, I'd rather buy a plane ticket to Dallas rather than those boots!"

So I thought..why not come up with some alternatives? I perused Modcloth and found some cuties for dresses. For 1/4 of the price!! Can you believe it? Obviously not an exact match, but these have the same "feel" of the Anthro look at a fraction of the cost.

I particularly love this one..and the name!!
Here are some Target boots I found for less than 1/8 of the price!!! I do think that spending between $100-150 on boots is very conservative, so feel free to hit up Steve Madden, DSW, or Zappos..
Some Modcloth coats were reminiscent to the plaid one on the less than 1/3 of the cost!

So let's see here...if we total up the most expensive options on this list...we get $243...then go purchase your Anthro head wrap and tights for another $50...not even $300 for the whole look when it was $1,204 for the Anthropologie look!!! What's that you say? Oh I know, I was thinking the same. Now you have extra money for other things...such as food, shelter, and rent...just kidding. I was thinking more about accessories (scarves anyone?), cupcakes, and music.


  1. well done Ann - you are a fabulous researcher. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, on behalf of your many faithful followers.

    aside: I recently bought Steve Madden boots for $100 and they are perfection.

  2. LOVE this post! I want to see more of this type of genius research :D.

    I am still wearing a pair of Steve Madden boots I bought a couple of years ago on sale at Nordstrom. I believe you had the same pair too :)

  3. LOVE this post! I need your help to find more purse-friendly alternatives!!

  4. You are so adorable!!!
    P.S. You pick out the cutest outfits!!!!!
    I love the second and third dresses the best!!! So chic!!!
    dresses, money and plane tickets,

  5. Super cute! I would need to see the Target boots in person, because I'm with you, upwards of $150 isn't a lot to spend, and sometimes their shoes are cheaply made. They sure do look great, though! XX!

  6. awesome finds, Ann! I do wish Anthropologie didn't always charge an arm and a leg...Seriously!


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