Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kicking Around

Thank you Anthropologie for sharing this magnificently gorgeous outfit with me called "Kicking Around".

The truth? I can afford the tights and the head wrap. fml.

Why do you show me outfits I cannot afford? Can we have a less expensive option as well? Pleeeeeeeeease? I love cool weather, and your it would be great. Thanks.


  1. Dear Anthropologie,
    While I adore looking at your beautiful catalog and day dreaming about living in the enchanting layouts you create, the truth is, I can barley afford the light bulbs in your photo shoot. Can you start making your lovely wearables a *bit* more affordable to the everyday Jane? It would be much appreciated!
    Thanks in advance,
    P.S. Beautiful post Ms. Ann!! :)

  2. WHEN is Anthro going to open up an outlet store or something. I agree, wayyyy too expensive, too cute, but too much! Gorgeous outfit, though, adore the plaid coat! XX!


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