Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This is Henry. He says good morning, and welcome back to work (to those of us who had yesterday off). He wanted to let you know that normal blogging will resume shortly. His aunt (writer of daily ann-tidote) is currently under a pile of phone calls and invoices, but will dig from the pile shortly. Some call him Henry Penry, or Hen Pen. He has bright red hair and puffy cheeks perfect for squeezing.


  1. how adorable!
    don't overwork yourself, coming back from a holiday weekend can be very stressful and one of the classic mistakes is to try and get everything done in one shot.
    this never works and you could end up getting sick! take it easy! (0:
    ((we actually watched 3 movies a day and in-between we grilled, shopped and my mum cut off some more of my hair!))
    you have to write a post of your 4th of july activities!
    have a marvelous day

  2. Thanks for the message, Henry! Much appreciated!


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