Friday, October 9, 2009

Save me some money, honey!

So, I've had several requests to share some sites/ideas of how to LOOK like Anthropologie/JCrew but not cough up the dimes...
These are just some ideas I've gathered through personal research of online shops that have the same "feel":

-Shabby Apple has some CUTE dresses that are around half the price of Anthro (roughly $55-85) and great for work, church, dates, etc!

-Spool No. 72 is breathtakingly precious...delicious jackets, cutesy jewelry, and even a dress that seems to be the TWIN of Anthropologie's!


-Janey Clothing's playfill skirts are to die for..
That should get you started...there's a blog that frequently mentions these and other shops, Modish. My cousin showed it to me :)
And regarding accessories, honestly, have you taken a look at Forever21's website?? Get your booty on over there because they have the cutest things! Yes, it's cheap and not just regarding cost, but it's a TREND!! It doesn't last forever..
Want more? I'll keep digging...
OH! Also, I keep the Anthropologie and JCrew magazines handy and flip through them for ideas on what to do with my OWN closet...I'm sure I could make a "How To" post on this so I'll save this for later..


  1. You r the best:) that's why I am addicted to your blog..addicted I say !!

  2. exactly what i have been waiting for...can't wait for you to show us how-to! ~Diana A.

  3. this is fabulous info. I have been obsessed with shabby apple and forever 21. you will see them a lot on my blog. you are great and sharing tips like these!


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