Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cords. The Debate.

So I had a continuous debate about cords. I wanted skinny cords, that fit well in the booty and in the length. I toy with the idea of mustard yellow cords...Well, I'll just show you all of the ones I had stalked...and still stalk..

(2) JCrew ---remember these from here?
(3) JCrew

(4) Gap

(5) Gap
So I tried on (2) in the store. And they were...ok....but not that great....I thought about going to try on (1) but wasn't in the market for anything else there, since their sizing seems funky to me and my booty. Gap is going through something...a phase? A life change? Whatever it is, I am not sure if I want to get involved just yet...So I went back to JCrew and tried on (3). Let me tell you---the perfect mixture of comfortable/easy cords and GREAT fit! I got them in graphite!
Side Note: I also got fantastic toothpick black jeans at JCrew on sale...but for some reason they don't show up as sale online...
So what if I buy ankle pants and wear them as full length?? Sigh...


  1. Oh Ann you make me laugh .."ankle pants as full length" it is the story of my life too :)..BTW your "skinny" posts of late pushed me to get my first pair of skinnies this past weekend. Let me tell you LOVE THEM !! and of course thanks for the motivation :)

  2. I like that you bought them in graphite. I balked a little bit at the yellow and pink pairs.


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