Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What to Wear on an African Safari

This boggles my mind. Wait, let's back up. I'm going to Africa in the fall for 2 weeks with my cousins (and our new friend Kate Herbert) and we are starting our adventure with a safari. Apparently there will be baby animals as well! How exciting!
So, we started an email chain. More of an email frenzy, actually. One topic came up as to what attire should be worn during an African Safari. THIS is where the mind boggling starts. One word: Khaki. Huh? What? Hmm.. I don't know if I have khaki outfits.. It may be an old wives' tale, but khaki is supposed to keep the insects away. Also on the list was socks and closed toe shoes, a HAT (I do not look good in hats... ok, fine, it's because I have a large head and most hats do not fit...), big sunglasses for movie star-like poses (check), and layers. It is supposed to start out cool in the morning (ahem, 5 am), and warm up towards mid day.

Julie and I were baffled. Boggled. Bewildered. Where does one get khaki? Erica usually responds to emails with some giggles and a few short lines, since she is not sitting at her desk 24/7 like we are. Cindy is already in Africa planning our adventures and working in between animal sitings :). So, I started researching. The first thought that came to mind was: cheap, please. I will probably not wear said khakis outside of Africa. (Maybe I will, I'm not ready to confirm). So, I thought Old Navy? Sure!

Old Navy's stash:

I thought "pine needles" was appropriate.

Hello it's a sign! These come in "safari olive"

Some possible safari tops:

This one seems a bit Crocodile Dundee for me...maybe...

If anyone cares for JCrew's options, or has room in their budget, I found a few pieces, and a hat? I put a question mark here because of my fear of hats...

Hopefully we turn out looking somewhere along these lines...

And not these...



  1. I want to look like the HOT model on the left...wait a second, are those MC Hammer pants?

  2. HAHA HAHAHAH I think they might be GOLD GLITTERY MC Hammer pants...or "haram" pants as some call them.

  3. I can't wait to see the pics of us at 5am. I will be clutching a cup of coffee. I will not look like the hot model on the left nor right. But I have two words to wake us up: baby elephants!

  4. This is AWESOME! I'm all about the Old Navy gear - great finds, Ann!

    What the hell are we to do for shoes???!!! And, btw, the hat thing is causing me a great deal of anxiety, hahaha.


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