Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to pack for two trips at once.

I like to travel a lot on the weekends, or really any time I can get off from work! A few weeks ago, I went to San Antonio for the weekend, and then from there switched airports and went to Atlanta to meet my new nephew. I basically had to pack for a weekend of dinners out and being outside in the heat as well as a low key couple of days with the baby. It was hard! I didn't want to over pack because I wanted to carry my bag on, but I also didn't want to have to wash clothes at my sisters with all the commotion going on. I think I packed just the right amount.

Step 1: Choose a bag. I bought this carry on at a boutique in San Antonio (on a past trip) by Vera Bradley. It squeezes nicely into the overhead compartment.

Step 2: Lay out some outfits. I chose some things that go easily from day to night (long jersey dresses, comfy pants/cute tops/sandals...) I love laying out the whole outfit to get the big picture.

Step 3: Fold your clothes (I usually fold the tees in fours and the pants in half and in half again)
Step 4: Pack your jewelry (necklaces are big now, plus I packed a couple pairs of earrings)

Step 5: Pack your toiletries (my mom got me a cute travel set so I had one big bag for makeup etc and one tiny for jewelry)
Step 6: Pack the miscellaneous items: phone charger, straightener, book, computer, magazine...

Step 7: Pick shoes (I chose two pairs of sandals only, but you could do one sandal and one heel, I'd say take half as many shoes as days you are travelling)
Step 8: Zip it up!
Any packing tips for me?

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