Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Taking it back to 1818...history of patent leather.

Day 21...I've got my favorite black trousers on so I'm ready to conquer the world. OK maybe not, but I'm at least ready to start the day.

Today's shoes are Vaneli and I bought them in Italy a few years ago for a steal. Black patent leather, lower heel, buckle across the toe. Since my creative genes are not flowing this morning, I decided to do a little research. From Wikipedia, "Sporting a high-gloss finish, patent leather has long been established as leather that is considered uptown and formal." New Jersey native Seth Boyden invented patent leather in 1818. Virtually waterproof, yet still flexible, and most often in a shiny black, patent leather is sophisticated and a slight diversion from your everyday black.
“Buying shoes is the highest form of shopping.”— Mimi Pond “Shoes Never Lie”, Berkley Books 1985
What is your vote? "Keep", "Toss" below!


  1. Love them.. Love the outfit.. and Love that the man who brought us patent leather was from NEW JERSEY!!! hell yes.

  2. i LOVE them! i love Vaneli. I love patent leather. i love New Jersey.
    Keep Keep Keep!

  3. Thought I'd wear the Vaneli's for you. And gotta put a shout out for my Jersey girls ;)


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