Friday, March 20, 2009

Green with Envy...

Day 24. I was thoroughly deflated when I arrived at work and realized I had forgotten to don my green on St. Patty's day! What kind of green do I have waiting for such occasions in my closet? Of course! SHOES. One co-worker said "Go home and change!!!" Riiiight...Someone even remarked "You're wearing a lot of black today, very unlike you." Thought I'd dress more fresh today. My co-workers persuaded me to wear the green shoes :)

I bought these at Nine West around this same time last year on super sale. Peep toe, Shamrock green suede, 3.5 inch heel, and pretty comfortable at that! Worn with Navy and white Lilly "pony dress". Opted to wear them on a Friday because I work less today, and with navy and white to tone down the green.

"She who dies with the most stilettos wins"-Nina Garcia

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  1. Keep keep keep! And go ahead and set up a reminder on your calendar to wear those bad boys next year on St. Pattys day. But at least for now, they did brighten up my morning!!

  2. perfect for the first day of spring! i'm wearing my snow boots here in ny, but your ensemble inspires me!


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