Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Things that make me smile today.

1. This jam, sent to me by DailyCandy. I have to get my hands on Miss Eliza.

2. Ava Witherspoon---seriously how adorable is she!? I was reading about them in the U.S. Weekly while enjoying some coffee this am.

3. Let's go ahead and make that #3 on the Coffee gives me that morning jolt I need to open my eyes a little bit wider (even though I endure 60 minutes of work out before it). It also makes my heart race just a bit so I plow through a few hours of work right in the morning.

4. A couple of Tumblrs I've tumbled upon (wah wah). First off-what they hey is a tumblr?! I'm working on figuring that out just yet. Nonetheless, the unofficial JCrew tumblr is fab (appropriately named 770 after their corporate store), as well as this tumblr called cognac and coffee (yes please).

I think that sums up my loves for the day..that is until I start perusing the Internet and that list continues to grow.


  1. I love my coffee...
    Can you please give an in depth explanation (slash pep talk)on how it is humanly possible to get up and work out in the morning?? Do tell.

  2. She is SO cute!! love mini Reese


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