Monday, May 2, 2011

The search for affordable swimwear.

Several things. 1) I'm tired of spending a fortune on JCrew swimwear. 2) I'm underwhelmed by their offerings this year. 3) Their prices are getting higher and higher, causing you to drop $100+ instead of $60+ on an outfit that is worn only in the water!!

Start: looking for other options.

I've found two great options thus far.

Old navy! Prices starting at $10 and styles are ca-ute!

Land's End! What the what? Look how cute these suits are!! Trendy neon colors, great shapes, and cute patterns!

Have you found any other options you want to share???


  1. Land's End suits always hold up really well Ann. And I agree about J.Crew's offering this year. I am oddly unimpressed.

  2. hmmmmmm I tempted to rock the two piece .... I might have to go look at O/N!! super cute.

  3. I must say...if it weren't for a prego belly this year, I too, would be buying from Land's End. They have the best options I've seen!

    Ps. Sorry to hear about your Aunt. Sending our prayers and love!


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