Friday, March 25, 2011

Wish List.

I have a bit of a wish list going, once I saw that JCrew had new arrivals.. I can't help it really. It all looks so it because I can't shop? Is it because the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising? Could be a little of both.

Regardless, here is what I would put in my imaginary cart, if the sky was the limit. Sigh.

1. Stripe sunburst tank-love the wonkiness of those stripes! And of course any stripes in general.
2. What a cute laid back cardi, Sabrina!
3. Crochet is not just for grandmas. This is totes hot.
4. Remember how I said I wanted to get in on the motorcycle trend? Hel-lo what better way to do it than with an exposed zipper!!!!
5. I do love a good gingham.
6. I'm intrigued by these shorts...too poofy? Or just plain cute!
7. And the lace/eyelet trend. Don't even get me started on these babies.
8. Now this is a sour lemon I could sink my teeth into.
9. You know I'm going to say it. Don't you totes love this tote!?

10. And I love all things bracelets and jewelry right now. This is the frosting on the cake.
While we're at it, world peace and an end to these insane natural disasters wouldn't be bad items to add to the wish list as well.

1 comment:

  1. it IS a feast day...meat is allowed!

    Maybe one teeny purchase wouldn't hurt :)


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