Thursday, March 10, 2011

All in the family.

So my dad? He likes to wear these big tortoise glasses, right?

Well he's got several pairs. We (his three lovely daughters), decided to put try them on with him.

these are SO GOOFY! Don't you love them?!
Virginia on left, then me, then baba ganoush, then Audra.
Oh and these nerds? My brothers in laws with my two youngest nephews.
Can't seem to get the photo straight..
Teddy doesn't know WHAT to think!
Just some random awkward photos to share....


  1. HAHA! Hilarious! It's funny how much V looks like Moses when he had them on!! :)

  2. lol. You all look so cute with the glasses!! I can not wear any of my grandparents glasses. They hurt my eyes and everything looks SOOOOO funky!! lol. :)


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