Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ring in the New.

So yesterday the lovely Mary at Room Polish showed us this room. I love it. It speaks to me. It is so me.

So..I thought..ok Ann, let's start pairing down and cleaning out. It's almost the new year, so it's time to do those sorts of things. What really bothers me my couch. It's big. And red. And I don't even like red. At. All. (sorry for the excessive punctuation but this is how I feel!!)

So now, I'm thinking..time to make a change. Has anyone had success selling furniture on craigslist? Then I'm thinking of purchasing one of these beauts.

1) The Avec Sofa, at 87" (could be too long..):
2) The Petrie Apartment couch, at 76":

3) And drumroll please...the Kensington Sofa, at 76" (and a much higher price):

Thoughts? Suggestions?


  1. I love them - the last one looks more comfy tho!!

  2. They are all so beautiful!!!
    However, if you cant afford a new one, perhaps you should just buy/make a slip cover for the old one! {I know it's still too big- but you'll save $$} :)
    PS I love that first photo!! How clean and beautiful!!!

  3. oh my gosh...oh my gosh...the KENSINGTON! ..the kensington all the is lovely and beautiful and perfect and I love it! Can you tell? I love it!


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