Thursday, July 29, 2010

Get with it, sister.

Such a fun filled weekend ahead...while it's only Thursday, I have a half day tomorrow (leaps for joy), a bachelorette tonight, and am in a wedding on Saturday-whew!

As promised, pics from the roller skating 80's party...listen...roller skating was surprisingly difficult seeing as I haven't attempted it possibly since my 4th grade birthday party...but at least we rocked it with style :)

Bright colors..
Killer moves...

Award winning shoes..
Absolute attitude...

**I do not have a talent for keeping a straight face....I cracked up during MOST pictures!!!


Here's to Shannon & Jason who will be getting married this Saturday here in town! I made Shannon a veil to wear tonight (she does not know this yet..) as we take her on the town one last time as O'Shea!

Aren't they so cute?? We'll all be wearing Shamrock green to celebrate her Irish roots.


  1. You are adorable..bought much needed humor to my morning :D

  2. totally rad. :P
    i love your shoes ((and your outfit, of course!))
    have fun, you busy little bumble bee.
    will diffidently post about todays going-ons. :)
    ((most likely on monday.))
    wishing you sunshine and rainbows,

  3. That is so cool! An 80s skating party, love! Have fun tonight! XO!

  4. how fun!! I want to go to a party like that. Come back to NY for another visit and lets make it happen ;)


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