Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Stylin'

On the news this morning...heat index around 105+....I think Summer is officially here! I want to be outside 24/7...but I should consider wearing sunblock since I burnt my shoulders over the weekend :) It was an awesome weekend, and I'm not quite ready to be back to the work week.
Few good things about this season:
1) Summer dresses + shades: Marion Cotillard is my inspiration. (she was also my doppelganger on facebook lol)

2) Royal Pains is back on---woohoo! I love those two brothers bantering and the crazy techniques used to remedy the rich.

3. I worked on my garden/patio with my dad a few weekends ago so now it is ready to be enjoyed. Some say (ahem, Alicia) it kicks ass.

4. Summer polish - check!

1 comment:

  1. hello friend.
    *gasp* 105?!?
    i would have been a puddle of soup on the cement!
    silly goose, not wearing sunscreen.
    i hope you learned a valuable lesson: in the future beautiful days with sunny skies, garden parties and lemonade need spf protection. (:
    oh! what a beautiful nail polish color.
    i just painted my nails a breathtaking shade of teal (0:
    have a sunny day!


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