Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Friday!

Yay! It's here!
Just a few things this week...

1) Happy wedding to Erin of Apartment #34!! I bet her Mexico wedding will be beautiful. She'll probably have shoes to even rival the best wedding shoes ever from Tiffany + William's beautiful day.

2) Thank you to the wonderful cousin Julie for taking the most adorable pictures of Momo!! (That is the nickname for Moses, my little nephew/Godson)

3) I updated my headband packaging. Julie and I poured over ever detail to get it perfect...and I love the way it looks! I also have a dandelion stamp that I stamp the top of the box with---it's the details that count!

4) Has everyone seen Emma Watson's collaboration with People Tree? Everything is so cute, especially that one shoulder dress...perfect for summer!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. adorable baby!!! love those shots. and love the new packaging. great job with that

  2. MOMO!!! So glad you love the pics!


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