Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How Tuesday: How to Wear Your Colors

I know, it's Wednesday, you say. Well quit pointing out the obvious!!! I had to leave work early to get my air conditioning units checked out (the news was not good...) and ran out of time to post this. Being that high electric bills are on my brain, I almost posted about how to save money off your electric bill. Maybe next week.

Now, my mother would be shocked to find out that I am an Autumn (remember my post two weeks ago?), so whenever I wanted to wear mustard and pumpkin and cream, she always took great care to be sure that the color closest to my face did not wash me out. Some days (especially now when I feel like Casper the ghost and need a tan desperately..) you just can't wear some colors. Makes you look a little under the weather, or like you've seen a ghost. I do have some tricks I thought I'd share.

1. If you're not sure that something is your color, wear another piece over or under it that definitely is your color. Often I wear a tank over a long sleeve tee, the long sleeve tee being the one I'm sure is my color, or I wear a cardigan over the tank.

2. If you are determined to wear a top but know you look washed out, put on some bronzer/blush to brighten your cheeks.

3. In an effort to avoid ever putting on something that isn't your color or just flat out won't work, print out your color chart, take it to your closet, and see if what you have fits the chart. You may be able to pass on some things to another color chart in your family!

4. If you are not satisfied with your color chart, dye your hair or get color contacts in an effort to fit into a different bracket. I think this tip is a little far fetched, but did you see how great Nicole Balch looked after dying her hair red?? It is on her 30 before 30 list!

5. If there's a color you really want to wear but just can't make it work, wear it a different way! On the bottom (skirt, pants), around your neck (necklace), in a pair of earrings, or on your nails! Today I have purple-y fuchsia nails and would never wear this color in clothing.
Any other tips from you?

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